Qigong Class

Qigong for Health

Qigong (Chinese Energy Exercise) systems are a series of repeated exercises which contribute to the growth and movement of Qi (Energy), adding to one’s life energy and delaying the process of ageing! Qigong practice can be done standing and seated and is an enjoyable and beneficial way to improve mobility, posture, balance and circulation. It is a calming, gentle but powerful way to exercise and seems to suit all fitness levels and abilities.

Anne is a qualified Qigong instructor with over 10 years of teaching and sharing the benefits of Qigong practice. She runs two classes in SVH on a Wednesday morning and both are established classes with many of the class members coming since the first Qigong class began back in 2016!   

Session 1 – Wednesday, 10am to 11am – This class is full.

Session 2 – Wednesday, 11.15am to 12.15pm – Places available for  people who have at least one years practice of Qigong or Tia Chi. Although this class is not a beginners class, consideration will be given to new people who have experience in and regulary attend other forms of group exercise classes e.g. Exercise to Music, Yoga, Pilates etc.  

For further information please contact Anne on her mobile: 07934 425844. Thank you.